Diamond Tile Drills: Tile drills

Product ID: P4-TD

Premier Diamond Products tile drill system is the perfect solution for drilling all types of tiles, including very hard grade 5 porcelain. The 2-in-1 universal drill guide and water applicator is a simple, but highly effective accessory for starting the drills without skidding. It also provides the means to cool the diamond head by distributing an adequate water supply. High quality vacuum brazed diamond grit insures fast drilling and long life and the 1/4" hexagonal shank means that PDP diamond tile drills will fit all popular cordless drills.

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Part No. Details
DP16852 5 x 30mm
DP16854 6 x 30mm
DP16856 7 x 30mm
DP16858 8 x 30mm
DP16860 10 x 30mm
DP16862 12 x 30mm
DP16862A 15 x 30mm
DP16863 17 x 30mm
DP16864 20 x 30mm
DP16860 25 x 30mm

Product ID: P6-ATD

Our new range of diamond tile drills are filled with a lubricating resin. During the drilling process the leading edge of resin melts and auto-cools the diamonds meaning there is no need to apply a secondary coolant, such as water.

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Part No. Details
DP19000 5 x 67mm
DP19005 6 x 67mm
DP19010 7 x 67mm
DP19015 8 x 67mm
DP19020 10 x 80mm
DP19025 12 x 80mm