Dry Diamond cores and accessories: Dry Diamond Cores

Product ID: P4-DC

The P4-DC dry diamond cores are suitable for dry drilling all popular building materials such as, standard house bricks, concrete blocks, breeze blocks, hand made bricks, building blocks, & York stone.

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Part No. Details
DC12719 22 x 300mm
DC12719A 25 x 300mm
DC12720 28 x 300mm
DC12725 32 x 150mm
DC12730 38 x 150mm
DC12731 42 x 150mm
DC12732 48 x 150mm
DC12740 52 x 150mm
DC12745 57 x 150mm
DC12750 65 x 150mm
DC12760 78 x 150mm
DC12762 82 x 150mm
DC12763 92 x 150mm
DC12765 102 x 150mm
DC12770 107 x 150mm
DC12775 112 x 150mm
DC12780 117 x 150mm
DC12790 127 x 150mm
DC12791 152 x 150mm
DC12792 158 x 150mm
DC12791A 162 x 150mm
DC12792A 175 x 150mm
DC12792AB 202 x 150mm

Product ID: P5-EDDC

EVODRILL is a high quality dry diamond core for use on rotary and percussion action drills. The combination of the rotational function and subtle pulsing from the percussion mechanism means the EVODRILL will drill faster and work harder through a wider range of building and construction materials when compared to other makes of diamond cores. Solid barrel cores (without slots) are available for use with dust extraction systems on request.

Download a leaflet for the P5-EDDC

Part No. Details
DC12645 22 x 300mm
DC12647 25 x 300mm
DC12650 28 x 300mm
DC12651 32 x 150mm
DC12652 38 x 150mm
DC12653 42 x 150mm
DC12654 48 x 150mm
DC12655 52 x 150mm
DC12655A 57 x 150mm
DC12656 65 x 150mm
DC12657 78 x 150mm
DC12665 82 x 150mm
DC12667 92 x 150mm
DC12658 102 x 150mm
DC12659 107 x 150mm
DC12659A 112 x 150mm
DC12660 117 x 150mm
DC12661 127 x 150mm
DC12662 152 x 150mm
DC12663 158 x 150mm
DC12663A 162 x 150mm
DC12664 175 x 150mm
DC12666 202 x 150mm
DC12700 28 x 400mm
DC12701 32 x 400mm
DC12702 38 x 400mm
DC12703 42 x 400mm
DC12704 48 x 400mm
DC12705 52 x 400mm
DC12706 65 x 400mm
DC12707 78 x 400mm
DC12710 102 x 400mm
DC12711 107 x 400mm
DC12712 117 x 400mm
DC12713 127 x 400mm
DC12714 152 x 400mm
DC12715 158 x 400mm
DC12716 162 x 400mm