Dust Control

Product ID: 16 Litre Dust Control Tank

Whilst using a petrol disc cutter to cut concrete and other masonry materials, the dust created causes a multitude of problems, from a nuisance to passing members of the public to the far more serious issue of air bourne dust that contains respirable crystalline silica (RCS) - This is a serious health hazard and is being closely monitored by the HSE, who have produced a leaflet titled 'dust control on cut off saws used for stone or concrete cutting' (construction sheet 54). PDP's dust control tank can help limit the RCS becoming air bourne during cutting, reducing the risk of inhaling the RCS dust. *Comprises: 1) Pump and handle. 2) Internal pick up hose and external hose connection. 3) Safety pressure release. 4) Carry strap.

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Part No. Details
MC10985 16 Litre Dust Control Tank
MC10986 *Service Kit
MC10987 Replacement hose c/w fittings
16 Litre Dust Control Tank