Multi-Use Titanium Drills: Titanium Drills

Product ID: P5-MD

The P5-MD Titanium Multi-Use Drill is one of the most versatile drills ever…Designed to offer rapid drilling through a variety of materials such as: Plastics, wood, tiles, bricks, blocks, steel, aluminium, laminates, glass, iron, stainless and copper... Benefits include: Extra sharp point to prevent the drill from wandering on start-up - Unique titanium coated four way cutting edges for fast drilling and excellent durability... For best results use a good cordless drill at speeds between 800 – 2000rpm... When drilling metals it is recommended that an appropriate lubricant is used... Tile Information: The multi-use drill is ideal for drilling ceramic tiles and soft natural stone tiles such as: marble, limestone and slate. Do not use the multi-drill on porcelain or hard floor tiles as drill life may be considerably reduced. For drilling very dense tiles please refer to our range of water cooled P6-TD diamond tile drills.

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Part No. Details
GT10510 5 x 65mm
GT10515 5.5 x 65mm
GT10520 6 x 65mm
GT10530 7 x 65mm
GT10535 8 x 65mm
GT10540 10 x 65mm
GT10545 12 x 65mm

Product ID: P5-MD-Set

Set comprises: 5.5, 6, 7, 8, 10 & 12mm drills + nylon case.

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