Vacuum Brazed Diamond Hole Saws

Product ID: P5-VBHS

The P5-VBHS features a rim of high quality diamonds that are vacuum brazed to the leading edge. This material joining process creates a bond which is significantly stronger than alternative methods. The benefits this offers to the tradesman are; faster drilling, increased durability and better suitability across a wider range of applications. They are ideal for all types of standard thickness wall and floor tiles, and can also be used to drill through deeper natural stone paving slabs, building materials, wood, plastics and composite materials, such as cement fibre board.

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Part No. Details
DP16389 19 x 45mm
DP16392 22 x 45mm
DP16393 25 x 45mm
DP16395 30 x 45mm
DP16396 32 x 45mm
DP16398 35 x 45mm
DP16401 38 x 45mm
DP16404 44 x 45mm
DP16407 52 x 45mm
DP16410 58 x 45mm
DP16413 64 x 45mm
DP16416 72 x 45mm
DP16419 76 x 45mm
DP16422 83 x 45mm
DP16425 86 x 45mm
DP16428 105 x 45mm
DP16431 118 x 45mm
DP16434 120 x 45mm
DP16437 128 x 45mm
DP16440 150 x 45mm