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Many dealers and users of diamond blades become frustrated over the large number of different diamond products available and the way in which these products are identified and marketed thus making it extremely difficult to compare like with like across the ranges being supplied to the market place.

Here at Premier Diamond Products we identify the different performance levels of our products by a star rating system... PREMIER 3 STAR, 4 STAR, 5 STAR and 6 STAR. These performance levels are colour coded and all diamond blades and cores have a corresponding colour label to help you identify the right product for your application and budget.

Here at Premier Diamond Products we identify the grade of our diamond products by a star performance rating... PREMIER 3 STAR, PREMIER 4 STAR, PREMIER 5 STAR and PREMIER 6 STAR. We believe this identification system, which is also colour coded, is the best in the industry because it enables customers to quickly identify a product to best suit their application and budget.


The PREMIER 3 STAR range under goes the same level of testing and safety procedures as all of our other products. Good concentrations of quality diamond grit ensure that all PREMIER 3 STAR products perform well beyond expectations. PREMIER 3 STAR product identification labels are colour coded yellow.

The PREMIER 3 STAR product is the entry-level range.


The PREMIER 4 STAR range comprises a range of hugely successful diamond blades and dry diamond core drills. The price structure appeals to many users whilst high concentrations of good quality diamond grit means that cutting speeds and tool life are higher than expected for a mid-priced range of universal diamond products. PREMIER 4 STAR product identification labels are colour coded grey.

The PREMIER 4 STAR product is the standard range.


The PREMIER 5 STAR range includes our top two selling diamond blades! Only the best quality raw materials are used in the manufacturing of PREMIER 5 STAR products whilst the laser welding, sintering and brazing process are amongst the most up-to-date in the world. The PREMIER 5 STAR product range comprises of a full selection of universal diamond blades, dry cores, wet cores and accessories. PREMIER 5 STAR product identification labels are colour coded blue.

The PREMIER 5 STAR product is the premium range.


The PREMIER 6 STAR range has been developed for users who make product performance their number one priority. There are several unique products in the PREMIER 6 STAR range and each tool has been designed using precise bond formulas for exceptional performance in specific applications where other products might fail. PREMIER 6 STAR product identification labels are colour coded orange.

The PREMIER 6 STAR product is the professional range.